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Repair Services That Gets your Wall to Wall Fresh Again

In today’s world, new doesn't necessarily mean better. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting that you love, but is starting to look dingy and buckle like it has seen better days - you have more options than to rip it out and start all over.

As another option -  expert repairs can be performed by NY Carpet Installation.

Even in a home with a meticulously controlled environment, carpet can buckle - it happens as a result of normal wear. This does not mean new carpet must be installed. We have a first rate team of carpet repair experts, and with our professional re-stretching service, your carpet can be revived in no time.

Our experts will prepare the space for the correct method of re-stretching, depending on your carpet’s makeup and method of installation. With our professional tools to stretch and re-seam, we bring our knowledge and skill to your repair needs.

Upkeeping your investment

Since wall-to-wall carpeting is an important design investment - and in general, increases the value of your home - keeping it looking its best is worthwhile, and can begin as easily as calling NY Carpet Installation for a consultation. 

We ensure that our work makes your wall-to-wall smooth again, making your home safe and trip free, and attractive again. 

Call NY Carpet Installation today for expert repair services.

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