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Wall to wall carpets add warmth and safty to your home. It also gives it a cozy feel that wraps your entire living spaces, and makes a great place for your family to live, play, and have fun. 

We help you choose, and all along the process, until you get what you want. 

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We are with you all along the process.

First we offer you a wide variety of choices, so you can choose your color, pattern, material among others factors. 

Then perform the installation itself, while including you on all decisions and dilemmas, so you know what's going on.

After all is done, we offer a maintenance service, so you can keep enjoying your wall to wall carpet for many years to come. 

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Top Notch Carpet Installation Services In New York City


Carpets have become a regular part of home and office decor throughout the New York City.  Manhattan, with millions of residents and square feet of real estate is no exception. Wall to wall carpet often times is sought out over hardwood floors or tile.  Carpet can add a sense of warmth and tranquility to just about any room. However, a carpet that is not installed properly will not enhance the ambiance. New York Carpet Installation is your number one source for reliable carpet installation services in Manhattan and NYC Area.


We are experts at the installation of a variety of carpet types.  We are ready to install your plus, woven, berber as well as any pily type carpet in either your home or office.  New York Carpet Installation has a team of experts who will go to your home or office and take proper measurements.  We will measure each area that you wish to have a wall to wall carpet installed.


We will first begin to install a floor trim board along the perimeter of the room once the area is properly prepped and cleared.  The floor trim is cut to fit the perimeter of the area exactly. This floor trim also know as a smooth edge contains nails so that the carpet can tacked into place.


No carpet installation is correct without installing a padding first.  New York Carpet Installation will also measure and cut the padding so that it fits properly in each area where we will install the wall to wall carpet.  We use a stretching machine in order to make sure that it goes down flat and smooth. Staples are then placed every 4 to 6 inches in order to ensure that your carpet padding is correctly fastened.  We then use an exacto knife to remove any excess padding. All scraps are then immediately discarded in order to clear any materials that will bubble the carpet.


The carpet is then installed once the padding is in place. New York Carpet Installation has all the necessary tools required in order to complete a quality carpet installation.  We will also stretch the carpet to make sure that it lays down as flat as possible. The carpet is then secured along the perimeter of the room using the floor trim and a few tools of the trade.


The addition of carpet can make a significant change to any room be it home or office.  The cold New York winters are not so cold when you are stepping on warm carpeting. Wall to wall carpet also eliminates noises and makes it easier to walk around.  Carpets are also easily maintained using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis.


New York Carpet Installation understand the importance of choosing the best qualified carpet installation service provider.  Our company is bonded and insured for your peace of mind as well as ours. You can always trust your New York Carpet Installation for all your carpet needs.


Since 1992, New York Carpet Installation has been satisfying thousand of Manhattan residents.  Our team has installed wall to wall carpet in a variety of settings. We have the experience as well as know how to do the kind of job that you expect.  Call us now at (212) 655-4404 for your next carpet installation job in the New York City area.